MMMportal is a portal for all websites run by Mercia McMahon, both writing related sites under the Mercia McMahon and business ones under her business trading name MMMporium. For recent changes see Website Updates.


The reviews and onliners sites can now be found as subsections of the site, but at present the old subdomains still exist and redirect to the new locations.

In a further culling of little used sites the publishing, wwww, and services subdomains of have all been closed down. See Website Updates for the reason why.

This website has reverted to its prior existence as MMMportal, providing a portal for all MMMporium websites. MMMporium Publishing had been housed here at one stage, but now that is no longer a repository site it will become the main publishing site.

MMMporium Websites

Author Site

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Mercia McMahon is the author site relating to Mercia McMahon's published books in fiction, poetry, and non-fiction.

Brexit in Context

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Mercia McMahon's Brexit in Context and reflections on the process of the UK leaving the EU.


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Faith in Doubt contains Mercia McMahon's reflections on faith and theology.


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MMMporium is primarily about Mercia McMahon's publishing business and her reflections on the publishing industry.


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Contextual Politics political analysis from a social and historical perspective.


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Tech dot MMMporium explores the history of information technology through Mercia McMahon's personal recollections of earlier eras.


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Trans Writes contains Mercia McMahon's reflections on transgender matters.

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