Privacy Policy


MMMporium is a sole proprietor business run by the Mercia McMahon. It is head quartered in London and so comes under English law, which includes European Union law in relation to online privacy. This privacy document explains that MMMporium websites use no cookies and that the only third party cookies are session cookies triggered when you click on an advert or affiliate link. Session cookies necessary for the purpose of completing a transaction that you request is exempt from the European Union cookie law. As MMMporium does not use geo-location software the visitor experience is the same whether or not the site visitor is based in the European Union.

MMMporium Sites on

The first MMMporium websites were hosted on and archived sites of the content are retained there. Those sites are,,, and Those sites are covered by a separate privacy agreement and the rest of this document refers only to those sites that MMMporium maintains on Smarthosting.

MMMporium Websites

MMMporium runs a variety of websites that are hosted by Smarthosting on servers in Turing House, Manchester, England. The main domain name is and regardless of the domain of other MMMporium sites they are all connected to that domain, hence a privacy policy is stored at To avoid visitors being concerned that the privacy link takes them away from the current domain there are also privacy policies at the top level domains,,,,, and

This privacy policy covers all of the sites and aspects of the service that only apply to one or some of the sites will be noted in this document.

No User Accounts

None of MMMporium's websites permit visitors to sign up as authenticated users or members. As a result no personal data is submitted and therefore no personal data is retained. There are no plans to allow user accounts on MMMporium websites in the future.

Comments and Emails

Comments cannot be posted on MMMporium controlled sites. The one area where a site visitor's data is retained is when a user communicates with the sites by via the email links. The contact form and the email links send a message to an admin email address that is stored on the Smarthosting servers in Manchester and are never forwarded anywhere else. Smarthosting is an English registered company (registration number 9101547) and so your communications are not liable to information suits via the United States court system as the information is neither stored in the United States nor is it stored by a United States owned company.

No Cookies

MMMporium websites make no use of cookies, which are small text files used to record details about your preferred use of the website. The only cookie that MMMporium sites employed in the past was a cookie to stop you being asked if you approved of the use of cookies. That was redundant and so has been removed.

Affiliate Advertising

Some links to books and other products from MMMporium websites are affiliate advertising links that help to fund this website. In addition some banner adverts, e.g., from Amazon or Smarthosting, are also affiliate advertising links. There is no cost to you from these affiliate links as they are a form of advertising by the retailer who pays MMMporium an advertising fee. No information about you is retained by MMMporium when you click on an affiliate link, although the advertiser will place a cookie in your browser to record that you clicked the advert or link on an MMMporium website. None of your personal information is revealed to MMMporium, although the advertisers report anonymously what was bought as that determines what MMMporium earns. For further information consult the privacy policies on the retailer websites. If you have told your browser to reject all cookies or third party cookies then the affiliate link should still work, but MMMporium will not earn any advertising income.

The current affiliate contracts held by MMMporium are with, Apple, Dreamstime, Rakuten Kobo, Smarthosting, and Smashwords. None of these companies are endorsing MMMporium's websites, products or services, they are merely allowing MMMporium to participate in their affiliate programme. MMMporium is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

No Contextual Advertising

Some MMMporium websites used contextual advertising in the past through Google Adsense, but this was stopped as this type of advertising monitors site visitors' behaviour and requires a cookie consent under the European Union cookie law. MMMporium judged that it was better for our site visitors to avoid intrusive cookie consent messages and so contextual advertising is no longer used.