Website Updates

Homespun CSS

I was frustrated about being unable to change the light grey text on the buttons on Pure.CSS horizontal menus. So I began experimenting with other small sized CSS systems. In the process I realised that I could have my relatively simple webpages controlled entirely from my own style.css file. I was delighted as I had never been comfortable forcing site visitors to download the Pure.CSS file from aContent Delivery Network in order to see my site as intended. Users of old browsers such as Internet Explorer before version 11 will not see the site properly, but they should still be able to see all of the content.

New Websites Added and Old Ones Removed

Mercia McMahon now works in a job that requires political impartiality so the Brexit in Context and Contextual Politics websites have been remaindered and while the domain names survive as MMMporium domains they will redirect to the new site Timelines. As Timelines is an website is has to be run as a private hobby site by Mercia McMahon, but its hosting is paid for by MMMporium. Faith in Doubt has been renamed Faith Today as that name is more appropriate to the new direction of the website. The archived WordPress websites have also been deleted are are no longer viewable.

Drupal Dropped (again)

Frustrations with Drupal 8 have led to the abandonment of my book about the content management system and the switch of this website back to HTML/CSS from its brief time back with Drupal 7. Brexit in Context, Contextual Politics, and the Mercia McMahon author site have all reverted to HTML/CSS from Drupal 8. The MMMporium website remains on Drupal 8, but is likely to change as well. The main problems with Drupal 8 were not apparent to site visitors, except that more typos may have appeared due to the difficulties with setting up a spell-checker in Drupal 8, which also made my section on setting up a spellchecker in Drupal 7 redundant.

Oneliners, Reviews, and Tech moved to Mercia McMahon author site

As part of a rationalisation of sites Oneliners, Reviews, and Tech have moved to an expanded Mercia McMahon author site. Their new locations are Oneliners, Reviews, and Tech.

Publishing, Services, and Web Design Websites Remaindered

The website existed only because was acting as a repository for all MMMporium sites, but with returning to being focused on the publishing business there was no further need for the publishing subdomain and so it was removed and no longer exists. The website on web design has also been remaindered as it only had one article on it about Drupal and that has been moved to Finally the subdomain has been removed as it advertised services that are not currently offered as MMMporium is at present a purely publishing business and no longer offers editing and copy writing services. Sites Return,, faithindoubt, and transwrites all began life as paid for websites hosted on The underlying sites that those domains pointed to were all retained on as free sites, but the content was removed as free sites must not contain content duplicated from elsewhere on the internet. As the nature of the sites has substantially changed those sites have been uploaded. They will not be updated with new articles, but will be left as a historical archive of the original articles. reverts to being about MMMporium

As part of the conversion of to a pure html site it has ceased to be an article repository and reverted to its original purpose as a site for Mercia McMahon's publishing and editorial business MMMporium. This move has been planned for a while with the repository becoming just backups and the main copies retained on the individual MMMporium or Mercia McMahon websites. The repository was being retained purely for the purpose of writing a book on using the Drupal content management system for a text heavy site, but that book project has been mothballed while the future direction of Drupal remains uncertain. So is now free to return to a focus on the MMMporium business, which is the trading name I use primarily for publishing my books. Consequently the site is no longer required and has been abandoned.

Drupal Dropped had been the last hold out in terms of websites still powered by the Drupal content management system, but it has now joined the rest of the websites as a pure html site made mobile friendly through Yahoo's minimalist (as in 4kb download) Pure.CSS system. Drupal's name is derived from the Dutch word for drop and so it is appropriate in a sense that I entitle this update as Drupal Dropped. The repository was retained primarily for purposes of the book on Drupal web design that has been all but dropped. This is due to the troubled roll-out of Drupal 8, which cannot run on Smart Hosting because it requires a more up to date php version. The final abandonment of Drupal for was due to problems getting security updates for Drupal on Smart Hosting's Softaculous one click installer system, but it merely brought forward a decision that was planned for after publishing a guide to using Drupal. If and when I return to writing the Drupal guide then a dummy site powered by Drupal will be set up, but will remain a pure html site focused on MMMporium branded businesses.

MerciaMcMahon and MMMporium Rebrands

MMMporium websites that relate to Mercia McMahon's thoughts or writing are being transferred to the domain, e.g., has become Anyone typing the old addresses will be automatically redirected, but it would be good if you could update your links.

MMMportal Returns

When launched as one of several Drupal powered MMMporium websites it was a portal linking to all of them called MMMportal. With the move to only one Drupal site at to host all articles and one page html sites to summarise the content became the new home for MMMporium Publishing, which had previously been the sole occupier of It was always difficult, though, to mark up the UK status of MMMporium in this way so has been relaunched as a rejuvenated MMMportal and MMMporium Publishing can now be found at

MMMporium Facebook Page Has Closed 28 March 2016

Facebook have been reminded us of the lack of updates to the MMMporium page, which we had never intended to update except when new publications or promotions launched. So it was closed on 28th March and only the Mercia McMahon author page will remain on Facebook. Future MMMporium announcements on Facebook will be made on the author page.

Refocusing on the MMMporium Brand 9 February 2016

For the past twelve months the hub and spoke setup for MMMporium's websites has used separate domains that incorporate the MMMporium name:,, and Editorial UK. In addition there had been a Facebook page for MMMporium Editorial and a Twitter account for MMMporium Review. As only a limited number of reviews have been posted so far the separate Twitter account was cancelled on 28-Oct-2016 and new reviews will be posted the Mercia McMahon Twitter account. The Facebook page for MMMporium Editorial was closed on 22-Jan-2016 so that business announcements can be concentrated on the MMMporium Facebook page.

A similar move is happening with the website domain names. MMMporium Editorial UK was used for copy editing and other services in British English, but as those services are no longer offered at MMMporium the address has been redirecting to Now they both point to, a website that currently only has content editing services, but which may expand to include other services over time. The will cease to work on 22 April 2016 and on 1 April 2016. Although another business may pick up the domains it is unlikely as they are not generic names. Nevertheless you are advised to change any links you have to

MMMporium Review becomes MMMporium Reviews

MMMporium Review will revert to its original title of MMMporium Reviews (the s was dropped due to character limitations when creating the Twitter account) and to its original address of The address is already redirecting to the new address and will cease to work on 21 March 2016.

Hub and Spoke Design

The MMMporium suite of websites were initially independent WordPress sites and then became independent Drupal sites. Now the articles are all maintained at a single Drupal site at The other websites are simpler websites built using the Pure.CSS framework.

New Old Drupal Theme

When the suite of MMMporium websites switched to Drupal there all appeared using the ZeroPoint theme, which unfortunately was not mobile-friendly. When the new set--up switched to a single Drupal installation the Esteem theme was used, but it has returned to ZeroPoint, which is now mobile friendly.


When the hub and spoke design was first tried out the popular Bootstrap framework (developed by Twitter) was used. ZeroPoint has been made mobile friendly using the minimalist Pure.CSS framework (developed by Yahoo!). MMMporium websites other than the Drupal based repository have switched to Pure.CSS. Those websites are quite basic at present as the focus is on the Drupal site.